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Who we are

Quit Coal is a collective of Friends of the Earth (FoE) Melbourne that has been active for the last seven years.  We use a range of tactics to campaign against new and existing coal and gas projects in Victoria, pushing for a socially just transition to clean, fair and affordable energy for all.

We are a volunteer led, anti-hierarchical, consensus-based collective who are dedicated to working with communities across the state.  We continue to build strong relationships with regional groups who hold an integral voice on the changes needed to our energy system.

Our previous Coal & Gasfield Free Victoria campaign was launched in 2012 and was able to achieve  of the most significant environmental victories in Victoria’s history. Using a neighbour-to-neighbour community organising model we worked closely with more than 75 regional communities who declared themselves ‘coal and/or gasfield free’.  By 2017, we had built enough collective power to push every single member of Victoria’s parliament to vote for legislation to permanently ban unconventional gas in Victoria.

We continue to work to: 

  • FIGHT new & existing fossil fuel projects in Victoria, including new coal technologies like carbon capture and storage.
  • CONNECT the dots between climate change, energy poverty and corruption, demanding that people need access to clean, fair and affordable energy.
  • PUSH for our state government to create a publicly-owned, non-profit, 100% renewable energy retailer - giving people clean energy at cost price.
  • PROVIDE solidarity and support to communities who are fighting onshore gas and fracking across Australia.
  • PROTECT land & water through safeguarding our hard-won ban on onshore gas and fracking, with communities across the state.

Come get involved and help us out!

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