Why Sunday is So Important

on Sep 14, 2015 ; Category: Gas, Gippsland, Melbourne, Politics, Solidarity, Western Victoria
Why Sunday is So Important

Victorians have resisted the fracking and unconventional gas industry for years now, and we’re oh so close to properly locking the gate against this toxic industry.

The state government is set to make a decision about the future of unconventional gas at the end of this year, following their year-long inquiry. People from across the board have been working so hard to make the government see the risks, impacts and negative effect this industry will have on our state, and we hope their decision reflects that. But we’re not leaving it up to chance!

As the inquiry moves full steam ahead and the government still hasn’t made it’s mind up, we need to make it clear that no matter the outcome of the inquiry, we will not allow the onshore gas industry onto Victorian land. We need to say to them:


Gasfields will never happen in Victoria!

There are now 67 Gasfield Free Communities in this state. We’re done explaining the risks, we’re done discussing the impacts, we know that this industry doesn’t belong here.

This is our chance to definitively send our message to the Andrews Government. One more big push might just be enough to get us over the edge!

But we need your help. We need you there. We need your friends there. We need your neighbours there. We need every person in Victoria who cares about our water, our environment and our health there! 

So RSVP NOW to our Facebook event, RSVP here if you don’t have Facebook, write it in your diaries (if you still have one of those), and then INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. 

From country to city, we will come together to protect our state from unconventional gas, and send a message across the country that we deserve a clean and safe energy future!

Meet us at 12 noon on 20 September (THIS SUNDAY) at the State Library. There will be inspiring speeches (including from the one and only Drew Hutton), and the musical stylings of Shane Howard.

We will then march to Parliament House to officially declare Victoria Gasfield Free!

declaration day

RSVP NOW and invite your friends.