Unconventional Gas Inquiry Interim report confirms the issue is ‘white hot’

Unconventional Gas Inquiry Interim report confirms the issue is ‘white hot’

Yesterday the interim report from the ‪Victorian Unconventional Gas Inquiry was released. The Inquiry will inform the government’s decision whether fracking and unconventional gas mining is allowed to begin in Victoria.

The report received 1717 submissions, “likely to be the largest number of submissions ever received by a Victorian Parliamentary committee.”  Well done to everyone who submitted!

According to the Inquiry’s report: “The vast majority of the submissions expressed concerns that an unconventional gas industry in Victoria could pose risks to prime agricultural land and water supplies.”

These include:
other landholders
environmental groups
landcare groups
medical professionals
tourism operators
small business owners
local councils.

“The submissions to the Committee in favour of an unconventional gas industry proceeding in Victoria mostly came from the gas industry, or individuals who have worked in the oil and gas industry.”

The report outlines a number of questions that the government will need to answer before allowing the unconventional gas industry into Victoria.  It clearly outlines the David and Goliath battle between local communities who want to protect their land water and food, and the forceful gas industry.  Lakes Oil, bankrolled by Gina Rinehart, has reportedly spent millions trying to force the unconventional gas indsutry on people who clearly don’t want it.

The government has said elsewhere that they will not allow unconventional gas if there is no social license.  So far the Interim Report doesn’t provide recommendations, which makes the position unclear.  This means we really need to keep up the pressure and the momentum of this campaign, there is no social licence for onshore gas and never will be.  Come join us at the rally against fracking and unconventional gas, where we will declare Victoria gasfield free, at 12 noon on 20 September 2015, at the State Library of Victoria.

The full report can be found here: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/SCEP/GAS/Report/EPC_58-02_Text_WEB.pdf


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