Tell Julia To Be Nice Not Naughty This Christmas!

on Dec 9, 2011 ; Category: Uncategorized

All I want for Christmas is HRL defunded

You’ve objected to the EPA, protested at Parliament and signed the petition to be tabled in Federal Government. Now, it’s time to send a personal letter to Santa Gillard with your number one ask this Christmas: All I want for Christmas is our $100 million back.

The feds have confirmed that they’ll be reviewing the $100 mill grant to HRL (the proposed new coal-fired power station for Victoria) if the company doesn’t met their conditions by 31 December. As yet, they’ve met none.

Ou friends at Environment Victoria will be tabling the petitions to the government calling for the money to be withdrawn from HRL and used to support renewables in Parliament early next year. But we want to make sure the Prime Minister knows what you want for Christmas as she heads off on her summer break.

Click here to tell Julia to be nice this Christmas and stop funding dirty polluting new coal power in Victoria!

Channel 10 coverage of our action on Monday the 12th of December calling for Prime Minister Gillard to be nice this Christmas and de-fund HRL: