Quit Coal Dis-Mantle plans for an open-cut Victoria

on Apr 19, 2012 ; Category: Climate Change, Coal, Melbourne, Non-Violent Direct Action

Quit Coal had a hectic week this week, with three separate actions taking place related to coal in Victoria.

On Monday afternoon we visited Mantle Mining’s general meeting to tell them what we think of their plans to destroy bacchus Marsh farmlands  for brown coal exports. Two activists locked themselves to a stairwell in the building of the meeting to ensure the protest could not be removed, while another infiltrated the actual meeting and posed some stiff questions to Mantle’s board which they were reluctant to attempt to answer.

On Monday evening Quit Coal activists suited up and headed to an evening meet and greet for young energy industry professionals attached to the government-funded ‘Low-Rank Coal Symposium’. Twiggy Palmcock, CEO of Extratum Mining, took to the stage and presented the investment-minded crowd with some sage advice about where the smart money should be going in Victoria. Instead of mining in the Bacchus Marsh or La Trobe Valley regions, Twiggy explained, sage investors should be looking at coal allocations in less contentious areas, such as underneath Ted Baillieu’s house in Hawthorn. With Ted so in favour of coal mining and holding so much sway in his local community, he continued, investors will meet scarce resistance in establishing open cut brown coal mines on his and his neighbours properties. Look out for a fun video of this action coming soon!

On Tuesday we were back in action at the Low-Rank Coal Symposium where, as reported by The Age, our activists handed out a flyer to international conference delegates warning them of the dangers associated with investing in brown coal in Victoria. Any such investments, the flyer told the delegates, will be met by costly delays and cancellations as a result of grassroots community opposition and an ever-increasing planet-wide move away from the dirtiest fossil fuels such as brown coal. We hope they appreciated our honest attempt to save them wasting their money on the immoral and inviable projects our government is trying to sell to them.

Shaun and Deb from Quit Coal enjoy a lighter moment locked to the stairwell at Mantle Mining’s general meeting.

Quit Coal protestors voice their concerns over brown coal exports.