Baillieu Refuses to Come Clean on Dirty Plan for Brown Coal Exports

on Jul 2, 2012 ; Category: Climate Change, Coal, Non-Violent Direct Action, Politics
Baillieu Refuses to Come Clean on Dirty Plan for Brown Coal Exports

Eight people locked together inside Premier Ted Baillieu’s electoral office in Hawthorn demanding Baillieu explain where he is taking Victoria. Despite promises at the last election to take real action on climate change, his government has repeatedly shown that they don’t take the issue seriously. Together with coal technology company Exergen, the government is covertly making plans for a brown coal export industry for Victoria. We still know very little about the details of this plan; where new mines will be, how the coal will be transported and exactly how much will be dug up. The only information we have came from the Herald Sun’s recent report that the government is expecting $11billion in royalties from the industry over the next forty years. This suggests that around 300 million tonnes of brown coal would be dug up every year, which would triple Victoria’s contribution to dangerous global warming.


Black balloons filled the premier’s office, representing the annual emissions from a brown coal export industry (equivalent to adding 70 million cars to Victoria’s roads)


The Baillieu government’s decision to open up Victoria for brown coal exports is a threat to our future

Quit Coal spokesperson Rebecca, on channel seven news

News Footage – 7 June Baillieu Office Occupation from Quit Coal on Vimeo.


The (chain) gang of eight stayed locked together in the office¬† for seven hours, nevertheless, Baillieu refused to formally respond to our request to publicly explain his plan for brown coal exports. We’ll be back.