Quit Coal is Lift Off!

on Dec 12, 2011 ; Category: Uncategorized

Welcome to Quit Coal

Back in 2009 you knew us as ‘Switch Off Hazelwood’. Then, we began calling ourselves ‘Switch Off Coal, Switch On Renewables’. And recently we’ve called ourselves ‘Stop HRL’.

But today we proudly launch Quit Coal – a new unified banner for our wonderful crew of dedicated and passionate volunteers fighting to end coal industry expansion in Victoria. With a brand new logo and website, plus a rapidly growing collection of diverse and talented people working together to our goal of responsible action on climate change, we are massively energised for the battles to come. And we want you to get involved too! Visit our contact page now to find out how you too can help block the coal industry’s plans for a new dirty coal plant, a brown coal export industry, and Coal Seam Gas Fracking right here in Victoria.

Even Santa is on our side!

Much to our delight, Santa Claus himself came out in support of Quit Coal’s campaigns today when visiting Melbourne shoppers in the Bourke st Mall.

Flanked by his trusty team of reindeer and elves, and forsaking his usual sled for a tres chic seven-seater bicycle, Santa had visited Melbourne with a simple question – do Victorians all want coal for Christmas?

‘I’m confused’, he told onlookers. ‘I thought nobody wanted coal for Christmas. But then why would Victoria have plans the new coal fired power station HRL? Not to mention a new coal mine in Bacchus Marsh?’

Luckily, the people of Melbourne set Santa straight, signing up in droves to support a joint petition by Quit Coal and other environmental groups to make Julia Gillard remove the $100 million of taxpayers money John Howard gave to HRL in 2006.

You can help too! Tell Julia Gillard to be nice this Christmas and de-fund HRL!

Shortly after Christmas, Julia Gillard’s government will be deciding whether or not to evoke HRL’s funding. Click here to send her the message that after meeting none of its milestones, blowing its budget, and already being forgiven hundreds of millions of dollars of debt to Victoria’s government, it is time to finally put this lemon to rest!