Our Year in Yellow

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Our Year in Yellow

May your 2016 prove successful in the fight to keep onshore gas out of Victoria and replace polluting fossil fuels with renewables.
Here are just a few memories to share of the year that was:

victorian fracking ban

We let the Premier know that Only a Ban Will Do for unconventional gas.


At the Peoples' Climate March

12219520_10153309821250983_6517593928082244470_n We shone the Lock the Gate Star in the People’s Climate March


11046169_918434654889721_1999019042809749906_o (1)

We let AGL know that gasfields are not welcome in Gloucester, Gippsland, Western Vic or anywhere else.


fracking rally

With 67 Victorian communities, we declared Victoria gasfield free.


victoria onshore gas

We rolled out a scroll with all of the declared communities’ names and percentages, to show whose voices really count on this issue.


gasfield free victoria

Community members and supporters signed the scroll with great enthusiasm.


12002996_914531755280011_96024382019755676_n (1)

A yellow triangle of yellow triangles to let the Victorian Government know where we stand.



The fashion statements were profound.



The banners were bright and beautiful.


12002548_914531631946690_7336041297846482768_o (4)

The support and unity were moving and inspiring.



The beloved Knitting Nannas showed their colours.



Just to let the Victorian Government Inquiry Members know what matters:



No matter how many legs we have or how hairy we are, this issue affects us all.



Thank you to everyone for all of your support throughout 2015. You are marvellous!