Petition: Sick and tired of expensive power bills, greedy retailers and a polluting energy system?

It’s time for the Victorian Government to support ambitious changes to our energy system.

Our energy system is failing us and it’s failing our environment. Coal makes up 80% of Victoria’s energy mix and it’s fuelling climate change, polluting Vic communities and it’s undermining the reliability of our grid. This year, the Andrews Government has extended coal station licenses and committed $50 million of public funds to a coal-to-hydrogen project in the Latrobe Valley.

Prices have skyrocketed since privatisation and risks of energy poverty and disconnections are increasing. More of our state’s lowest income and most vulnerable people are struggling to pay their electricity bills.

Power is held in corporate companies hands and the profits extracted from vital public services are used to line the pockets of shareholders. The Victorian retail energy market is dominated by 'The Big 3' corporations who control more than 60% of the market and make profits up to twice the average of other retail businesses.

Luckily communities across the state are already taking action. Creating community energy projects, safeguarding their towns from climate impacts and creating local job opportunities for their communities.  

Results of the Victorian state election in November will have a huge impact on our state’s response to climate change, and we want to make sure to elect someone who will address climate change, close inequalities and create long-term dignified work for Victorian’s. 

And it needs to happen this year...


We, the undersigned, call on the next Government of Victoria to:

- Rule out any new coal in Victoria including the coal-to-hydrogen pilot project in the Latrobe Valley that depends on new coal technologies like Carbon, Capture & Storage (CCS)

- Commit to a publicly-owned, non-profit 100% renewables retailer to reduce power bills and offer access to clean, fair and affordable energy for more Victorian’s.


Will you sign?

100 signatures