No New Coal or CSG in Victoria

Yesterday Quit Coal and Friends of the Earth joined with 34 other groups from across Victoria to call for a moratorium on new coal and coal seam gas (CSG) operations in the state. (The text of exactly what we’ve called for is at the bottom of this email).

There was also excellent news that the Victorian State Labor Opposition has joined our call for a Coal Seam Gas moratorium – though sadly this does not include all new coal projects.

By today, we already have 45 groups signed on and the Victorian Farmer’s Federation has called for freeze on CSG licenses.

The campaign is really gathering momentum!

We need your help to keep it going. We’re at a critical point to put pressure on Government MPs to state their position and break ranks (Liberal MP Ken White did this already!). To protect our farmland, water and food security and health, we need create huge political pressure to make the various parties institute or commit to instituting a moratorium on CSG AND coal before the next state election.

Please take action- Send a strong message that we do not want new coal and CSG operations in our state.

1/ Tell your MP you expect them to support the moratorium. To find who they are, go to: and then type your postcode into the box in the top right corner.

2/ Send a copy to the Premier, Energy Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water.
Hon Ted Baillieu, Premier of Victoria.
Hon Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources. michael.o’ Twitter: @michaelobrienmp
Hon Peter Walsh, Deputy Leader of The Nationals, Minister for Agriculture and Food Security, Minister for Water.
Remember to add your contact details.

3/ Comment on yesterday’s Weekly Times article about the moratorium, supporting the call – the pollies will see it through their media monitors!

4/ Please send a quick email or tweet to the ALP saying you support their call for a moratorium on CSG and Tight Gas.
Twitter: @VIC_ALP
Daniel Andrews, Leader of the Labor Party, twitter: @DanielAndrewsMP
Lily D’Ambrosio, Shadow Minister for Energy, lily.d’ twitter: @LilyDAmbrosioMP
John Lenders, Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Security,

5/ Sign and/or forward the petition calling for a moratorium.

Really fired up?

6/ Write a Please write to the Weekly Times, the key regional paper in Victoria:
Please also write letters to the daily papers:
The Age:
Herald Sun:

7/ If you are a member of a group that might support the moratorium call, please send your details to Cam:

If you can do any or all of these we will love you! If you want some love back from us for your efforts, email us a copy of your communications to:

Big thanks – onwards and upwards!

Quit Coal

Stop Dangerous Coal and Coal Seam Gas Mining in Victoria

Dear Premier,

The Victorian government must halt coal seam gas mining and new coal operations.

As Victoria faces a wave of exploration licences for coal seam gas (CSG), coal, tight gas and shale gas, there is a growing community opposition to this industry.

Elsewhere in Australia, governments and individual members of parliament are standing up against the growth of CSG exploration and new coal mining in rural and urban areas. It’s time your Government let the community know where you stand on this issue.

We call on the Victorian government to institute a moratorium on all new coal and on-shore un-conventional gas operations until there has been a thorough investigation into the likely impacts of this industry on water resources, farmland and food security, local communities, biodiversity and greenhouse emissions.

We expect the government to look after our rural landscapes and communities.

If the Coalition government is to really represent rural constituencies, it must institute a moratorium against CSG, all ‘unconventional’ gas, and new coal operations in Victoria as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely,