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Become an Active Friend

Becoming an Active Friend to Quit Coal is the most effective way to support our work now and into the future. It involves a regular monthly donation that will give us the stability to plan and budget for our campaigns and also becoming a member of Friends of the Earth - out of which Quit Coal is run. 

Over the past couple of months we’ve launched Energy Justice Victoria, a vision for ambitious changes to Victoria's current energy system.  It aims to connect the dots between coal, climate change, energy poverty and corporate corruption, demanding access to clean, fair and affordable energy for all

Your money will go directly towards our community organising, outreach campaigns and actions. 

Your support continues to provide us with more tools to fight for our Energy Justice asks.

Contributions over $2 (excluding a small membership fee) are tax deductible. Full membership terms and conditions can be found here.

Please call 03 9419 8700 (Campaigns) or email membership@foe.org.au for more information on how to donate via a bank account direct debit.

You can make a once-off donation here.