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on Jun 24, 2015 ; Category: Climate Change, Coal, Gas, Gippsland, Melbourne, Western Victoria

Our grassroots campaign across Victoria to protect our land, water, food supply, health and communities from the impacts of the invasive unconventional gas industry has so far been incredibly successful.  Community members across Victoria have stood up for and protected their towns, making Victoria a leader and a beacon of hope in the struggle against invasive gas fields.  61 communities have declared themselves coal and gas free so far, and many more are to come.  But the state government inquiry threatens to allow the unconventional gas industry to start drilling by early 2016 – donate to Quit Coal now to help us fight to keep Victoria coal and gasfield free!

According to the IMF, the fossil fuel industry is bankrolled to the tune of US$10 million per minute.  Federally, the Australian Conservation Foundation reports that our government subsidises the fossibl fuel industry to the tune of $182 per person per year.  Locally, your donation to Quit Coal goes 100% to environmental activism.

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