Glenelg Council votes to be Gasfield free

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Glenelg Council votes to be Gasfield free

Glenelg Shire will stay an unconventional gasfield free zone if Glenelg Shire Council gets its way.

Councillors have unanimously supported a motion, moved by Cr John Northcott, at last night’s August Council Meeting.

In front of an overflowing public gallery at the Portland Council Chambers, Cr Northcott said Council could not risk the future of sustainable farm land for gas well failure.

In moving the motion, all councillors made it clear they had requested information from industry but that it had not been forthcoming.

“The latest information communicated is that the gasfields may only last 10 years, whereas earlier it was communicated that they would last 30 years,” Cr Northcott said.

“Failure of the evaporation basins is already a problem and more basins would only worsen the situation.

“Drilling for unconventional gas poses a risk to water tables across the Otway basin where coastal towns and cities depend on underground water and this also means clean healthy food would come under threat from potentially contaminated water supplies

“There is currently a potential loss of property values with neighbouring properties in New South Wales and Queensland and properties in our Shire would be hard to sell with values falling up to 50 per cent of their present value.”

The motion was moved to a round of applause by members of the public.

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