Give Your Loved One’s No Coal This Christmas!

on Dec 11, 2012 ; Category: Climate Change, Coal, Events, Gas
Give Your Loved One’s No Coal This Christmas!

Every holiday season we all face a dilemma. We’d love to give gifts to those we cherish, but we don’t want the unnecessary consumption and environmental damage that so much holiday giving involves.

Well, ethically conflicted holiday shoppers, Quit Coal has heard your anguish and solved your problem! You can now show your loved how much you value them and help to protect our lovely planet all in one by buying them a Friends of the Earth membership available online here!

That’s right. Quit Coal is continuing to allow you to do exactly what you were already allowed to do, BUT there is one brilliant added bonus!

If you buy a Friends of the Earth membership before December 25th for yourself or someone else, not only will you or the recipient receive all the usual bells and whistles of being a paid up FoE member (four FoE newsletters, three ‘Chain Reaction’ magazines, 5% off at the FoE store and more), you will also be mailed a rare limited edition Quit Coal comedy gift card featuring either our beloved Premier Ted Baillieu, Fairfax angel investor Gina Rinehart, or bona fide national treasure Clive Palmer upon its cover!

These cards are guaranteed to warm the heart and raise holiday cheer from all but the most Scrooge-like friends or relatives. They can also double as a helpful catalyst for some light-hearted banter among your extended family on what to do about our rapidly dying planet and the corruption of our democracy by greedy coal barons and their slimy friends. Fun for everyone!

So scramble like crazed last-minute holiday bargain hunters across to the Friends of the Earth Website, The Friends of the Earth store at 312 Smith Street Collingwood, or watch out for our volunteers on Melbourne’s streets, and give the holiday gift that says ‘I love you so much that instead of buying you something useless I’m saving the planet in your name’!