Gippsland is Precious – Film Premiere

on May 1, 2013 ; Category: Coal, Gas, Gippsland, Melbourne
Gippsland is Precious – Film Premiere

by Chloe Aldenhoven

City and country come together to oppose CSG threat to ‘precious’ Gippsland

Metropolitan activists launched a campaign this week to support the increasing resistance to coal and coal seam gas mining encroaching on Gippsland.  The campaign aims to activate Melbourne’s food and coffee culture against the threat to farmland in Gippsland from controvertial coal and coal seam gas development.

Quit Coal activist Jessie Gartlan said the campaign arose as people in Gippsland became more vocal and organised in their opposition to the expansion of coal and coal seam gas industries in Victoria.

“Coal and invasive gas mining industries have destroyed communities in Queensland and New South Wales. Communities in Gippsland understand this and are aware that the exploration licenses over their properties pose the same threat. The emerging resistance here is undeniable,” she said.

“We want farmers and rural communities to know they have our support in standing up against the expansion of destructive coal and coal seam gas industries that are threatening their well-being, their ability to produce Victoria’s food supply, and their way of life,” she said.

The Melbourne campaigners added that stopping these industries was in their own best interests too. “Coal Seam Gas and Coal mine expansion doesn’t just affect rural communities” said Quit Coal member Madeleine Egan. “Gippsland produces 25% of Australia’s milk, milk we drink every day in the city.  So much of our beef, potatoes and other produce come from areas directly threatened. And some of these gas exploration licenses cover Melbourne’s drinking water catchment areas.  If something goes wrong and that water gets contaminated during the mining process, where does that leave us?”

“It’s good to know we have the support of people in the Melbourne area” said Gippsland resident Peter Negus. “People in the city need to know where their food comes from.  This mining is a real threat to Melbourne’s food and water supply, and our farms and communities. We need help from people in the city to stop these industries before they wreck it all. You can’t eat coal seam gas”

The launch is coinciding with the May 2nd premiere of ‘Gippsland is Precious’, a short documentary about the threat coal and coal seam gas pose to agriculture in Gippsland and the growing local resistance to new mining projects.  Local North Fitzroy bar and cinema ‘Longplay’ will host the event, with screenings of the film throughout the night, commencing at 7pm.

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