Why Community Consultation is so important.

on Jun 2, 2014 ; Category: Uncategorized
Why Community Consultation is so important.

“Community Consultation” is a slippery term. And yet, when the NSW government suspended Metgasco’s CSG drilling license in Bentley, they cited a lack of community consultation as one of the driving factors.

And now the Victorian government has suspended all unconventional gas drilling licenses until 2015, when they will have completed a community consultation process.

This is a vital part of the fight against unconventional gas. While we believe this is mostly a delaying tactic to ensure that gas is not an issue for the November election, it is also an important opportunity to demonstrate that we do not want unconventional gas in Victoria.

The government has only guaranteed that licences will be suspended until after community consultations are completed, so it is essential that we are there in big numbers. People from ¬†across Gippsland and Western Victoria will be attending every meeting to ensure this doesn’t happen, and Quit Coal will be there to support them. We need as many people to come and show the government that Victoria says NO to unconventional gas.

If you are interested in coming along to an event, email marcebrassett@gmail.com

Please share this information with people you know, especially if they live in affected areas.


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