Labor Fails Again on HRL

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It would be comical if it wasn’t so infuriating. Yesterday, the Federal Labor party announced that HRL, the company seeking to build a new coal-fired power plant in Victoria, would retain $150 million in government funding for another 6 months. This is an appalling decision, proving again that Minister for Energy Martin Ferguson is more […]

Help Quit Coal Rock The SLF!

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In the face of terrible decisions like Martin Ferguson’s on HRL last week, what can we do? Fight Back! That’s why Quit Coal will be out in force at the Sustainable Living Festival this week, spreading the word about our campaigns and growing the movement to Quit Coal in Victoria and Australia! We need to […]

Back to Bacch-us!

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One Quit Coal activist has been released pending summons for ‘interfering with a motor vehicle’ today after stopping drilling in Bacchus Marsh. Paul Connor locked himself  to the top of Mantle Mining’s 8.5 metre-tall drill rig while hanging a banner that read ‘No New Coal Bacchus Marsh’. Another campaigner, local mother Natasha Mills, also locked […]

2012 Victorian Climate Action Convergence

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Quit Coal invites you to join with Victorian climate action, fossil fuel and renewable energy campaigners for a day of ideas and planning for Victoria’s climate campaigns of 2012! When: 9am-5pm, Saturday February 11th Where: South Melbourne Commons, 217 – 239 Montague St South Melbourne, (Corner of Bank and Montague Streets). Exciting plenary speakers will […]

Huge Stop HRL Rally, Now Let’s Keep The Pressure On!

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A huge THANK YOU to all who came to yesterday’s Stop HRL Rally. Nearly 500 people attended to demand the government withdraw its funding from the dirty new coal project HRL. As protective services fretted over the crowd spilling far beyond the steps of Parliament House, a loud and enthusiastic crowd heard speeches from Quit […]

February 1st Is HUGE!

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February 1st is a huge day for Victorians concerned about climate change. In 2007, the Howard Government awarded HRL – the proposed new coal fired power station for Victoria – a grant of $100 million. But 5 years later, HRL has failed to meet any conditions of this grant, and it is now under review. Recent media reports indicate it may […]


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The Saturday Age has revealed that The Labor Party’s Energy Minister Martin Ferguson has requested increased surveillance of anti-coal environmental groups such as Quit Coal after coal industry lobbying, citing the need to protect critical infrastructure and ‘economic activity’ from what he calls ‘issues-motivated activism‘. In response today, Quit Coal’s Shaun Murray from Quit Coal […]

Quit Coal is Lift Off!

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Welcome to Quit Coal Back in 2009 you knew us as ‘Switch Off Hazelwood’. Then, we began calling ourselves ‘Switch Off Coal, Switch On Renewables’. And recently we’ve called ourselves ‘Stop HRL’. But today we proudly launch Quit Coal – a new unified banner for our wonderful crew of dedicated and passionate volunteers fighting to […]

Tell Julia To Be Nice Not Naughty This Christmas!

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All I want for Christmas is HRL defunded You’ve objected to the EPA, protested at Parliament and signed the petition to be tabled in Federal Government. Now, it’s time to send a personal letter to Santa Gillard with your number one ask this Christmas: All I want for Christmas is our $100 million back. The […]